A New Concept in Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate can be both time consuming and expensive.  You need to constantly work your network to find the right investment opportunity.  Then, minimum capital requirements are often in excess of $50,000.

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Now there is a simple way to search real estate opportunities all over the country with as little as $5,000 to invest.

How to Get Rid of that Unwanted Pet

I just returned from a trip to Virginia and was fortunate to be at the packed UVA fishbowl to witness two top experts debate the no-kill shelter movement.  The fight card read Nathan Winograd of the no-kill movement vs. Jeff Kerr, General Counsel at PETA.


I expected to see a knock-down, drag out fight. But what I saw surprised me. 

Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio Like a Pro

As the market changes over time, so do your investment needs. You may need more diversification, increased cash flow, or less management responsibilities.   But every time you trade a property, the IRS takes a cut and your portfolio value is diluted.


There is one tool that pros use to defer capital gains and reinvest 100% of their cash, quickly growing their portfolio.

Why Home Court Advantage is Critical to Your Success

Opportunities come at us from everywhere. Every day my inbox is full of real estate deals trying to steal my time. Which ones do I pay attention to? Which ones do I let go by?

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We are constantly inundated with information. There are too many choices. We need a way to cut through the clutter to make money in real estate.